Blanc des Vosges

Blanc des Vosges


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As a showcase for French Excellence in manufacturing, Blanc des Vosges makes skilful use of its ancestral know-how to design and produce innovative and stylish products.

In the Blanc des Vosges workshops, around a hundred seamstresses, cutters, embroiderers, ironers and designers make Blanc des Vosges a household name in the global textile market.

Blanc des Vosges is certified by the Vosges Terre Textile quality label.

This label recognises only products for which the production stages are performed in the Vosges area, guaranteeing genuine Vosges authenticity.

The obsession with excellence can be seen here at every stage, guaranteeing authentic, high-quality products.


114 Grand Rue
67000 Strasbourg
03 90 23 96 54


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