Chocolate maker Weiss

Chocolate maker Weiss


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Founded in 1882 by the Alsatian Eugène Weiss, the eponymous chocolate maker is one of the oldest in France. Today serving both private and trade clients, its unique know-how has made it a recognised institution within the French high quality chocolate sector.


The unique taste of Weiss

With creamy ganaches, deliciously flavoured pralines and crunchy nougatines, Eugène Weiss stands out in the quality chocolate sector for creating numerous specialities which have gone on to become showcases of the French chocolate making tradition.
The original recipe, jealously guarded, has been passed on from generation to generation to the Weiss master confectioners, preserving the inimitable flavour of home-made chocolate.


7 rue des Orfèvres
67000 Strasbourg
03 88 10 11 92


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