Coco LM

Coco LM


Dates : Lundi : 10H - 19H - Mardi au samedi : 9H -19H - Dimanche : 10H - 18H

Comment :

Since its founding, this small craft firm has devoted itself to upholding and promoting the unique gastronomic heritage of Alsatian biscuit-making.

The high quality and freshness of the ingredients used by the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie make these biscuits delicious and reflect the incredible heritage of our beautiful region.

When visiting the Biscuiterie du Dôme, you will be able to discover the famous bredele - Alsatian specialities including biscuits, bite-sized cakes, gingerbread, beerawecka (a type of fruitcake) and kougelhopfs (bundt cake).


16 rue du Dôme
Biscuiterie du Dôme
67000 Strasbourg
03 89 21 85 10


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