Woodworking trades and heritage centre

Woodworking trades and heritage centre


Duration of the visit : 1h30 min

Comment :

This museum, unique in France, is a living space where machines are started up for visitors several times a day by enthusiastic and fascinating guides. Here you will explore a sawmill with a “haut fer”, a steam engine from 1896, a sharpening workshop from the 1930s, a cheese-box workshop, a tool handle copying machine, a complete clog workshop.

One area is devoted to wooden toys (830 items), and an educational zone allows visitors to learn about the life cycle of the tree and its environment. A whole floor of the museum is dedicated to woodworking professions from the pre-mechanisation era, including lumberjacks, cartwrights, clog-makers, peasants, coopers, turners, joiners, basket-makers, carpenters, and many more.


395A La Place
68910 Labaroche
03 89 78 94 18


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