La Grange aux Coqs

La Grange aux Coqs


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La Grange aux Coqs is delighted to welcome you for all your training sessions, seminars or private events.

In Ittenheim, a small village 12 km from Strasbourg, along with your co-workers or clients you can enjoy a unique setting offering many possibilities.

We will provide you with a 120 m² area devoted entirely to you and your group, in a charming and contemporary atmosphere.

This is a renovated former stable with a cathedral ceiling, a large fireplace and a social area, perfect for organising a seminar, a meeting, a business meal or a workshop.

Access to the courtyard and garden is also available, with this whole facility being located on a 1,400-m² farm in Alsace.

A video projector and flipchart are at your disposal.


12 rue de la Mairie
67117 Ittenheim
06 82 98 75 59


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