The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock


Duration of the visit : 30 min

Size groups : Mini : 12

Type of site to visit : Religious site

Dates : At 12 p.m. a film on the Astronomical Clock is shown, foolowed at 12.30 p.m. by the procession of the apostles.

Rates advantages : Free for children (age limit) : 6

Comment :

A Renaissance masterpiece, the Astronomical Clock is a result of the combined work of artists, mathematicians and technicians. Swiss clockmakers, sculptors, painters and automaton designers all worked together to produce this superb attraction. The current mechanism dates from 1842.

The main attraction of the clock is its animated figures which come out to delight the public every day at half past noon. During this performance, visitors are treated to views of the different ages of life, personified by a child, a teenager, an adult and an old man, who all parade past Death. Higher up, the apostles have their own parade, before Christ. Their journey is accompanied by the beating of wings and the sound of a large cock crowing. In front of the Clock visitors can admire the huge Pillar of Angels which offers a highly original representation of the Last Judgment.

Entrance for individuals and groups: South portal.

No film projection on Sundays or holidays.



Place de la Cathédrale
67000 Strasbourg


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