Cyclorama - cycle rickshaw

Cyclorama - cycle rickshaw


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Discover Strasbourg by cycle rickshaw!

Sit back and relax in a cycle rickshaw for a fun and personalised ride through the streets of the old town.

Maximum 3 people

Possibility to organise a tour in partnership with Velissimo from groups of 4 to 6 people.

Circuit A (Petite France) and B (Neustadt)
30 minutes / €30

Circuit AB (City centre) and C (Neustadt + European institutions)
60 minutes / €60

Circuit ABC (complete tour)
90 minutes / €90

By reservation only

Guided tours in French, German or English

Cycle rickshaw

Cyclorama serves the very centre of Strasbourg, and the Krutenau, Esplanade, Conseil des Quinze and Neudorf areas.

In a hurry?

If you have a train to catch or an important meeting, the cycle rickshaw will take you straight where you want to go. It’s faster than any other means of transport in the very centre of Strasbourg, and can access the narrowest streets, even in pedestrianised zones.

Too many bags?

If you’ve just been shopping or you’re going on holiday, the cycle rickshaw will drop you off – at home, at the station, at your car or wherever you want.

Catch a ride!

Rate: €2 / minute.

Example: Cathedral - Train Station = €12

  • Languages spoken : English
  • Languages spoken : German
  • Languages spoken : Dutch


99 route du Polygone
67100 Strasbourg
0 616 562 262


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