Les Secrets du Sablier

Les Secrets du Sablier


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Les Secrets du Sablier is Strasbourg’s latest escape game, based in a former Freemasons’ lodge.

Designed for a team of 2 to 6 players, this escape game requires them to escape from a room in which they are locked.

Participants must solve a series of puzzles often comprised of codes, locks and keys.

Les Secrets du Sablier proposes two highly original themes:

- Prohibition in Canada and its underground bar

- The majestic ancient pyramid of Cheops.

These two mysteries fully immerse players in a world in which locks are no barrier to them.

The adventurers have one hour to complete their mission.

They only have one chance, based on the principle of “game over”.


17 rue Vauban
67000 Strasbourg
07 67 28 51 89


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