Qui veut pister Strasbourg

Qui veut pister Strasbourg


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Quiveutpister Strasbourg organises treasure hunts in Strasbourg. The aim is to (re)discover the city of Strasbourg by conducting an investigation of sorts.

Every Saturday at 2:00pm (March to November), up to 45 participants get together to explore, tour and investigate the city of Strasbourg.

The principle of the game is simple.

On departure day, the participants must go to the place indicated in the confirmation e-mail, and at the time stated.

For the duration of the game, each team will receive a pack containing a treasure map and various accessories. And the game begins! The teams must try to reach the goal as quickly as possible, by solving clues along the way.

Once they've reached the goal, they will get a mark depending on how they've answered the questions, how well they played the detective and how long it took them to complete the course. The team with the highest score wins a prize.

Treasure hunts by Quiveutpister Strasbourg are mainly intended for adults.

In addition, Quiveutpister Strasbourg organises treasure hunts for businesses. Private parties are welcome every day, subject to availability.

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