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Using conditions

You are about to connect to the Strasbourg Tourist Office Photo Library, an association under the French law of 1901 located at 17 place de la Cathédrale, BP 70020, 67082 Strasbourg Cedex.

Please read these general conditions of use carefully.

They define the conditions under which the Strasbourg Tourist Office (hereafter referred to as “OTSR”) authorises the user of the photo library (hereafter referred to as “the user”) to reproduce and/or display the photographs accessible on the website www.otstrasbourg.fr on a free-use and non-exclusive basis.

Image loan form :

Examining the application :

Every order for visual materials must be accompanied by a justified request. A registration form, accessible once these general conditions of use have been read and accepted, allows the applicant to send his request to the OTSR: the user must in particular indicate his name and contact details, occupation, the precise use he will make of the reproduction, and the target medium and its distribution.

The applicant agrees to fill in all fields accurately and honestly.

Once his request has been validated, the user will benefit from a username and password to enable secure access.

The OTSR reserves the right to refuse a loan of photographs to anyone who does not provide sufficient information, in particular concerning the future use of the documents.

User responsibilities :

Username and password:

The user agrees to keep his username and password secret in all circumstances and to refrain from passing them to third parties. The user is solely responsible for any use made of his username and password and/or the photographs obtained as a result. Should username and password confidentiality no longer be guaranteed, the user agrees to inform the OTSR immediately.

Authorised use:

The user may only use the photographs loaned by the OTSR under the conditions described on the form.
Any use other than that which is described below is prohibited.

The OTSR photo library is intended to be used for professional purposes only.

The user agrees to use the photographs only within the strict framework of the promotion of the tourist destination of Strasbourg and its region, in France or abroad.

Photographs may be loaned upon demand to:

  • travel agents, coach and tour operators
  • the press
  • institutions (districts, counties, regions)
  • companies, organisations or associations organising a conference/seminar in Strasbourg
  • tourist offices
  • communication agencies which have a contract with the OTSR
  • members of the Tourist Office with up-to-date subscriptions

Photographs may only be reproduced or displayed by the user within the framework of:
  • press articles and editorial content concerning the destination of Strasbourg
  • or printed or digital materials distributed free to the public such as catalogues, brochures, pamphlets, flyers etc.
and only insofar as these materials directly contribute to the promotion of the tourist destination.

These reproductions will only be printed on the inside pages of catalogues, newspapers and magazines; rights for the inside and outside pages of the front and back cover in particular are not included in this contract.

Prohibited use:

The user agrees to not use the photographs:
  • for commercial materials to be paid for by the general public (except for press materials), such as commercial tourist guides and various works intended for sale, postcards, bookmarks, calendars, posters or any other object intended for sale etc.
  • for promotional or advertising campaigns (including posters, advertising space, advertorial purposes, creation of logos, signs etc.)

For the types of materials mentioned above, professionals are expressly requested to directly contact the photographers with their request.
The photographer may potentially be entitled to claim compensation.

This authorisation for use of photographs is granted by the OTSR on a strictly personal basis. The user is prohibited from passing on and/or selling this authorisation to third parties.

Restrictions of use

The use of the photographs is limited to a duration of 1 month from the date on which they are downloaded by the user. After their use or, at the very latest, at the end of this 1 month period, the digital files saved by the user must be destroyed.

The use of the photographs is limited to 1 publication or issue for printed catalogues, magazines and newspapers, and a maximum duration of 12 months when they appear on the internet.

For any reuse, the user agrees to make a new request with the OTSR.

Copyright and compulsory statements:

The user agrees to clearly display a credit to the photographer next to any reproduction of the photographs, whether in printed or digital documents. This photographer credit must consist of the photograph name, followed by “Strasbourg Tourist Office”.
The user is strictly prohibited from editing or omitting this information.

Where used electronically, the user agrees to display the OTSR website address www.otstrasbourg.fr as a hyperlink.

The provision of visual material in no way represents an assignment of copyright to the benefit of the user. The user agrees to respect the material and to not modify or adapt it in any way.

The user agrees to respect the moral right of the photographer in all circumstances and to not damage the image or reputation of the photographer and/or of the OTSR.


The user agrees to send original evidence of publication in full, in two copies, to the Service Presse, Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg, 17 place de la Cathédrale, BP 70020, 67082 Strasbourg Cedex.


The communication and use of the visual materials are subject to the provisions of the law of 11 March 1957 on literary and artistic property.

Violation of these obligatory provisions will subject the offender to criminal and civil proceedings as provided for by law. Should these conditions of use not be respected, the OTSR as well as the photographers reserve the right to initiate criminal proceedings.

Right to modify the general conditions of use:

The OTSR reserves the right to modify or update the general conditions of use at any time. The up-to-date version of the general conditions of use is displayed from the date on which the modification takes effect. Continued use of the photographs, after a modification has occurred, constitutes the user’s acceptance of this modification.

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