Print room

Print room


Dates : Cabinet des Estampes only by appointment

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This museum in the shade of the Cathedral exhibits a priceless collection of some 200,000 works covering five centuries in the most technical and varied of domains: fine arts, decorative arts, architecture, history and folk art.

The collection stored in Strasbourg's gallery of Prints and Drawings dates from 1890 and presents significant series relating to history, local history, 19th century popular imagery and particularly Alsace.

These graphic productions share space with the smallest but rarest element of the collections, goldsmith's art (over 300), ornament and architecture drawings to create the museum's specific nature, without omitting the private collection of coins and medals.

By appointment only – 03 88 52 50 00


5 place du Château
67000 Strasbourg
03 88 52 50 00


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