Two Shores Footbridge

Two Shores Footbridge


Type of site to visit : Monument, remarkable house

Comment :

In 2004 Kehl and Strasbourg joined forces to host the first transboundary horticultural show, part of which involved connecting the French and German riverbanks by way of the Passerelle footbridge. The bridge’s two jetties, which are reserved for cyclists and pedestrians, meet in the centre of the Rhine, forming a platform 100 square metres in extent. Parisian architect Marc Mimram, who designed the bridge, envisaged giving strollers every opportunity to delight in both the landscape and in the concept of "connectedness".

The bridge is a symbol of transfrontier cooperation and peace in Europe, to which Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and many other heads of government paid tribute in April 2009 during the NATO summit held in Kehl and Strasbourg.


D- Kehl


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